End of the summer round up: ALP, Career, Cutting Edge, Permaculture Teaching and The Seed.

Well, here we are again.  The year is on the turn.  Time to reflect on what’s been happening in the world of my diploma.

Action Learning Pathway

Well, redesigning this still eludes me.  I am not too worried about this though.  It’s all in here [taps head wisely].  No, I do need to get it down on paper – or film or something.  Actually I have had yet another idea for a way to redesign my ALP that is meaningful to me.  And this one is not complictated and can be done in an afternoon.  I just need to do it.  I’ve just had other things to do that I feel are way more important, and that’s ok.

Next action:  Get a piece of paper and draw the fucking ALP.

Career design

In March I felt that this one was done and needed writing up for accreditation.  Now we are here in September, I still feel like this one is done and needs writing up for accreditation.  It’s just, well, see above.

Next action:  Find accreditation criteria/hand in sheets and write this bloody thing up. 

The Cutting Edge

This is my design for teaching scything which, like the career design, I considered done in March and yet have still not written up.  I also still haven’t written the blog post that I promised about what scything taught me about business.  Or at least I started it, but I have lost it.

In March I was talking about how to make my little business more resilient to the future/how to ensure succession.  I wrote about wanting to find an apprentice.  The update on this is that I did ask someone who I thought would be good, but she said no because she wanted to concentrate on her gardening business.  That shows real awareness of priorities so I am glad she was honest with me.  There isn’t really anyone else close enough to me who has enough of an interest, so I have shelved this idea for now.  I did want to find someone who would be able to keep the business going when I take ‘maternity leave’ for these imaginary children that I have been banging on about for ages now, but I have just decided that if I need to, I’ll just take a year off.  Or two years.  Maybe even three.  When I come back to it, I would like to revisit this design, but I am putting it to bed for now.

Next actions:  Find, finish and post the ‘what scything taught me about business’ blog post; find accreditation criteria/hand in sheets and write this bloody thing up.

Permaculture Teaching

Still done.  Still not written up.

Next actions:  Find accreditation criteria/hand in sheets and write this bloody thing up.

Blog (formerly Pen to Paper)

In March, during my last round up, I had just launched The Seed.  Thinking about what has happened to it over the last six months I would say that in some ways I have progressed a lot.  My photography is much better (check it out in a guest post for Emma the Gardener’s blog), I’m starting to work out my writing style and I am growing in confidence a lot.  But, I found posting regularly over the summer extremely challenging.  I was teaching more scythe courses than I have ever taught before, as well as working at a relatively new job and trying to progress one of the secret projects.  I knew this summer would be difficult and insane and it was.  I failed to post consistently.  And the trouble is that I really love doing my blog, I really love crafting the pictures and the words and making something interesting for people to read.  It was a wrench to be away from it for the summer.

But I am back now and have made a promise to myself to post something to it every two weeks.  I think that blog readers value consistency, they don’t like it when you just fall off the radar [Beth blushes as she realises that that’s basically what’s happened with this blog].  I would like to post more often than fortnightly, but that’s realistic for me right now.  I don’t feel like I have done as much on the marketing front as I would like but the good thing about a blog is that you can always go back to it, you can always change it.  The interesting thing is that though I didn’t do anything over the summer, the number of people looking at it per month stayed more or less the same.  I cannot explain why this is.  I need to delve further into the vagaries of google analytics.  But, it makes me feel hopeful.

My main aim for the next year is to start feeling like there are people out there reading my blog.  I know there are some people out there reading it because google analytics tells me that there are, but I want to start having conversations with folks.  Scything has taken me on such an extraordinary journey and I am sure that blogging will do the same, so i shall keep plodding on.  In March I said that this design would be done when I had finished putting my marketing plan into action.  I suspect I might leave writing this one up until close to accreditation just to see what happens with it.

Next step:  My next step is actually something that was part of my original design, but for some reason I didn’t follow.  I am going to write and keep to a posting schedule.  I think it will help me to identify the next thing I need to do and it will also make sure that I push myself beyond the easy-to-do food posts.


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