End of the winter round up – design 9 and the Scrumping Project

Design 9

Design number nine has been through a number of iterations.  First it was going to be a design for another one of the secret projects I have up my sleeve (Localise), then it was going to be the design for how to integrate kids into my life.  I’ll do both of those designs, but I have decided that I would like to do another land-based design so that I have two in my portfolio.  I have a couple of different friends who are moving onto pieces of land and I would like to do designs for one them.

ACTION:  Find out whether my land-lucky friends would like me to do a design for them

This is a bit of a departure for me, not just because it’s about land, but also because it involves working with (arguably for) other people on their projects rather than my own.  It will involve developing my listening skills and interpreting the permaculture skills that I have learned for an audience that doesn’t necessarily think exactly the same way as me.  In many ways, the pressure is off because I don’t imagine that my friends will implement my designs exactly the way I design them.  Though I am sure that they will be grateful for my designs, they haven’t asked for them, so I would expect them to be less likely to implement it lock, stock and barrel than if they had asked for my advice.

The Scrumping Project (formerly foraging)

The foraging design that I had hoped to do just never seemed to find its form.  I never quite worked out what it was I wanted to do with it.  So, I have changed it.  I’m now going to make my final project the formation of a ‘Scrumping Group’ in Lindfield, the village that I have just moved to.  I’m going to use Brighton Permaculture Trust’s Scrumping Project as a model, though I am not aiming to create something anywhere near as big as theirs.  The idea with this design would be that people from Lindfield get together to harvest fruit trees that the owners are not able to and then share out the fruit amongst themselves.  There might also be the opportunity to process (e.g. juice, jam) this fruit together for our own consumption and possibly for sale (for community/charitable causes).  Another aim would be to buy equipment that could be held in common – apple scratters etc and maybe even hosting an apple day celebration.  One of the biggest outputs of this project for me is to get to know people in my local area, so hopefully it will do that.

ACTION: Start observation process for this design 



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