Secret project number 1: The Seed Blog

So, secret project number one The Seed Blog finally entered the public arena today.  I’ve been working on this project (secretly obviously) for about two years.  I wrote the design in November 2013 and have been implementing it since then.  Here’s a post I wrote about the backstory of The Seed and why I decided to create it.  And here’s a reflection about how the process of designing and implementing this has gone.

You know what, even though this has gone more or less 100% according to the design, I still feel quite unprepared for today.  Despite having thought and thought and thought about how to make it work, I’m still wondering if it will!  But the good thing about a blog is that it embodies the principle slow and small solutions.  If I don’t feel like I quite got this post right, I can make it better in the next one.  I can build up an audience slowly over time (at least that’s the idea).

Now to get on with secret projects numbers two and three…


One thought on “Secret project number 1: The Seed Blog

  1. […]  That means that I am at the end of this phase of the implementation of this design.  I have written about it quite recently, so I won’t go into it again here, but I will say that this design as had some […]

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