My ten designs: some changes

I’ve made a few changes to my designs recently and realised I hadn’t documented that.  Here are my ten (and where I am up to with them):

1)  Action Learning Pathway:  My ALP needs a redesign, but it has done for a long time.  I seem to be stuck in a cycle of wanting to ‘graphically design’ it, but not knowing how to do that.  It’s all in my head, but I need to get it down on paper.

2)  Career Design:  I redesigned my ‘time and money’ design to be a list of goals about my career – which is what I realised this design was about.  I did this because I realised a few things…  I had no idea of how to predict how much money I would make nor how much time I would spend on various aspects of my income streams.  I also realised that I am really not motivated by financial goals – though I want to be more financially independent – so setting them for myself didn’t really work out.  I also suddenly realised that the design wasn’t about cobbling together a bunch of different jobs, it was about creating a career, brick on brick…

3)  Pen to Paper:  This has changed into the secret project that I will launch at the end of February.  It’s something I have been working on for a long time and fulfils the same goals that I had when I wrote my original design (you won’t be able to get in without a password – email me if you want it)

4)  Cutting Edge:  This was the design for my scythe courses which I wrote, painfully implemented, and am now waiting for it to write itself up.  It’s not happening!

5)   Teaching Permaculture:  Started.  Finished.  No change here.

6)  The Larder Project:  This is progressing happily forward as you will have seen from my last post.

7)  The Garden Design:  Is in the works.  I am in the observation stages right now.

8)  The Coppicing Design: I have just recently had a rethink about this one.  I was talking with a coppicer friend of mine who listened to what I wanted to do and then said that he thought that making this a ‘coppicing’ design was over-egging the pudding a bit.  He though that I just needed to learn woodland management, which I agree with.  The other thing that happened was that we got a tree.  A big, free tree to burn next year and I realised that our firewood needs could be met with only one moderately sized tree and I didn’t need to make this a priority of this design.  So what is the priority of this design?  Learning to work woodlands, I think, so when I actually come to write it, I will bear that in mind.

9)  Scrumping and cider group:  Originally, I wanted to do a design about wild food.  Now, I would still like to do a design about wild food, but this takes priority.  I want to start a scrumping and cider group to pick the good burghers of Lindfield’s unwanted fruit and process it into something great, like jam or cider.  The secondary aim of this is to boost my larder, but to be honest the main aim is to find cool people in Lindfield.  I know that there must be some!  It’s my one and only design which is overtly about working with other people.  I find it very scary!

10)  The Baby Design:  I had originally meant to do a design for the book I am writing as my tenth project (formally Localise), but I figured that I wanted to do this one more.  I’ll still do the localise one but won’t submit it.  The focus of this one is designing how to build a life with a baby should I be lucky enough to bring one (or two!) into this world.  Like the scrumping and cider group, I haven’t properly started thinking about this one yet, but it will happen soon.



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