We moved, goddamit, we moved!

Well, finally we have moved. Here it is, my new abode (the one with the white door and the yellow flowers outside of it). I am sure that I will get over the post-traumatic stress disorder in the next few months…

The house!

The house!

Now that I have moved house, quite a few of my designs can enter a new stage of implementation. It’s really interesting how having more (and different) space means that new and exciting things can happen. I thought I would use this post to map how my designs are affected by my new place – area by area.

The Shed

Well, we don’t have one yet, but Will assures me that he’s onto it… Once we do have a shed, I will be able to expand my scything empire by stocking more scythes to sell on courses and perhaps at other times too. Having all of my teaching equipment on the ground floor (and not up four flights of stairs) means that going off to teach courses is a much pleasanter experience. I honestly did not realise how much I dreaded emptying the car and dragging all my crap upstairs. It’s little things like this that make a big difference to how you feel about doing a particular job, and I am glad that I will have this sorted for next scything season.

The Garden

Long view of the garden

Long view of the garden


The current growing area

Well, I have one! And it’s great! I have been doing some observation of light patterns and – in August at least – most of the garden gets sun at least some portions of the day. The soil looks really good and well looked after. There is a compost bin with a strong-looking colony of worms. There is corn and courgettes and beans to harvest.

I am going to spend a year observing and growing on a small-scale – in pots and annuals in the empty beds, and then do major changes next winter (i.e. winter 2014). I think what I’d like to do over this winter and next spring is move the compost heap closer to the house, research and get some chickens and establish a 365 day a year salad system. I’d like to work out my seedling system so that the whole house is not completely covered in pots all the time. We have south-facing windows which is very exciting.

Other than that I shall be doing lots of research and getting some idea of what I would like the garden to contain and to look like. I still think that I would like to do a garden design course, so I will have to see if I am rich enough to be able to do that!

The Outbuilding

The larder to be...

The larder to be…

I started calling this ‘the larder’ until I realised that Will and I had not discussed how we would use various rooms. So anyway, this is the larder… 😉 Currently it’s housing much of the crap that will go in the shed, but when that’s moved, we’ll put a work surface over the top of the washing machine, and as many shelves as we can fit in there and it will become a larder of great joy! I am itching to get going at this one… I am going to attempt to emulate the store stump from Brambly Hedge or Bilbo’s larder from the recent Hobbit movie. I’m a bit obsessed.

The store stump

The store stump

Bilbo's larder - with hairy dwarf

Bilbo’s larder – with hairy dwarf

Having outside space and space to store stuff means that I will be able to get going on the dehydrating and canning that I want to do with ease (and with somewhere to store the equipment).

The Office

The office to be...

The office to be…

This was another room that I had started calling ‘the office’ in my head before I had really discussed it with Will… Ooops! Having an office means that I’ll be able to write more easily and I can do stuff like leave my sewing machine out so that I am more likely to use it. I have an online sewing course to finish after all! We’ll use this as a guest bedroom as well, as rooms have to have multiple uses in this house.

Finally, just knowing where I am going to be for the next few years means that I can get on with my coppicing design knowing that I will (hopefully) be in one place for the whole of a coppice cycle and I can design for succession after that. Also, being in the countryside (more or less) means that my foraging design – whatever it turns out to be – will be so much easier to implement. Even though I’ve put a lot of planning and thought into this move and what it would make possible, it’s still amazing to be here and realise that all those things really are possible and I can do them now!  Expect more from me soon…  Maybe even pictures of bits of the house without stuff all over it!


2 thoughts on “We moved, goddamit, we moved!

  1. Beautiful, Beth, bright, rooms, with an s!! Yes!!!!! Great larder, sweet office, and oo, that garden space is inviting. Well done.

    OK, that post was nothing short of thrilling, and comforting to me. Thank you! I came home after a battle of clarity versus Round Up. A discussion that had the man opposite me saying I was full of passion, and by the end of our conversation he called my passion “aggression.”

    Interesting how the plain and, indeed, passionate Truth someone does NOT want to hear gets labeled “aggression.’ I was explaining I had decades of information that gives me 100% certainty I never would choose Round Up, and he said I had to keep an open mind. I did get all kinds of heated and said, “No, I don’t. I am clear and I have a Mind to make decisions with, so I am not having an open mind about Round Up.”

    As he was stoned and drunk, and I was not, I saw room for sowing a breeze of calm, so I apologised for my “aggression” and explained I was afraid I might quit my job with them.
    I reflected later. It was Divine Rage speaking through me of the merits and potential of Permaculture and I let them know it would be a deal breaker for me if they used Round Up — Best job I have ever had — but my Heart spoke louder than my head. Thank God!! I told them my Heart would break to see them choose Round Up as a solution to invasives, when 260 acres of Maui is in their hands and Permaculture is regenerative. No poison needed.

    So, reading your post, Beth, I felt called home to my Heart, where simplicity is elegance to me, and being creative, living Permaculture Principles, make my Heart sing. I am designing a 260-acre Permaculture Design community and there is so much room for patience, growth and clarity. I am grateful for your inspiring sharing. Thank you for bringing me home by sharing yours. So well said.

    Wishing you peace, rest, and a little dance of celebration. You did it! You made the move. Thank you!!! Aloha, Claire

  2. […] on what was happening with the larder project.  There was a smidgen of an update when I told you we had moved and the outbuilding was going to be used as a larder, but nothing since […]

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