End of winter round up: Part 2

The Cutting Edge – developing an income stream in scythe teaching and mowing

This was last year’s angst-ridden project.  This year, thanks to observing the fact that I was crap at marketing, getting some training and implementing some changes, I am rushed off my feet.   I feel like I have the beginnings of a vibrant business.

Some successes:

–  Half of my courses were sold out a month before the first one started

–  I am on course to reach my goal of making £5000 from scything this year

–  I am getting regular enquiries from people asking me to teach, mow or demonstrate for them.

There are some things I would like to work on though:

– Courses for individuals are hard work in terms of admin.  At the end of this year I’ll need to work out how many of them it is feasible to do.

– I’ll also need to work out ways of reducing this admin, e.g. better FAQs and automated responses

I think this design is probably ready to be written up, so that’s my next step.

Action:  Write up Cutting Edge


Pen to Paper – developing an income stream in ‘green journalism’

This project is providing the angst this year.  As you can see from my Christmas evaluation (I seem to be evaluating rather a lot, don’t I), I had some successes last year but I had come to a point where I didn’t know how to progress.  I took my own advice and, using the heroes journey as a model for life, found myself more collaborators and a mentor.  I’ve been running a very successful writing buddy relationship with Jo of A Girl and Her Thumb for the past year and a bit, but I decided I wanted more, so I started meeting up with my friend Loo who is doing a journalism course, and asked my friend Fliss to be my mentor.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this income stream and, frankly am still thinking, and that’s ok.  I suspect that this design might change out of all recognition very soon, but I haven’t wholly decided yet.  I realise that’s a refrain you’re hearing about a lot of the designs but that’s because I’m in a state of massive flux at the moment.  Will and I are buying a house, moving out of Brighton, thinking about the future and all that means.  Everything is up in the air, including decisions about projects and that’s kind of ok.  Right now I am just going to deal with moving house and keeping up with my hectic schedule of scythe courses.

Action: Redesign pen to paper when ready


Permaculture teaching – developing an income stream in teaching permaculture

I think this may be the first of my designs that I declare finished.  I have taken the BPT teacher training scheme as far as I can go with it and the next stage would be to strike out on my own and find opportunities to teach.  However, I find myself curiously unenthusiastic about doing that.  Part of it is having done a realistic observation of my time.  I already feel like I don’t have enough time, so fitting in a meaningful amount of permaculture teaching (and all the prep) would be quite difficult.  The other issue is that I just don’t think I want to teach permaculture.  I want to do permaculture, but I don’t think I want to teach it explicitly.  I consider deciding not to pursue this income stream a valid outcome of this design and I am glad that I did the design, but I think it’s time to put this one to bed for now.   Time to write up!

Action:  Write up Permaculture teaching design

Part three coming soon.  Hope you’re looking forward to it! 😉


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