The Larder Project: To Infinity and Beyond (bulk ordering food)

Yesterday my order from Infinity Foods wholesale arrived on my doorstep.  This order was part of my ‘larder’ design which aims to build up a three month use-every-day store of food.  The Infinity order was for the many things I couldn’t produce myself – oats and other grains, tinned tomatoes, sugar and a multitude of other items.  I have been meaning to do this order for months and various things including Christmas, lack of money and confusion over email addresses have prevented me, but this week my goal has been achieved.

There are certain challenges inherent in getting a lot of food into a fourth floor flat.  The first was that the very narrow commonways (the staircase) up to the flat are being refurbished and were hence filled with ladders, plasterboard and builders.  I had alerted said builders to the fact that a whole load of boxes were about to come up the stairs and they offered to help which turned what could have been a nightmare into a delight.  They formed a human chain and passed the boxes up in about two minutes thus illustrating that many hands do indeed make light work and that the problem is indeed the solution.

Once all the boxes were piled up in the living room Will freaked the fuck out (Will, sweetie, if you’re reading this, I love you…).  I will admit that it did look like we had ordered a lot of stuff (I wasn’t expecting quite so much toilet roll) but I had plans for where everything was going to go in the loft.  Will made the very valid point that we needed to be careful about how much we were loading up there as the joists are not as strong as the ones under the floor in the flat, so I divided the stuff up into heavy stuff (olive oil, tins, bags of grains) and light stuff (pasta, toilet roll) and put the light stuff in the loft and secreted the heavy stuff in other places around the flat.  I will need to spend a whole day organising it all so that we can get at it easily and so it’s not in the way, but it’s out of the way until I can do that in a week and a half.

So, I have done items 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8 of my larder plan of action (below).

Can do now

1)  Observe what I eat

2)  Identify where I get those things from and what I could do to ensure I have a store of them.

3)  Do an Infinity order and carefully monitor how long things last

4)  Continue making pickles with the surplus from the veg box (find a recipe book I like, develop an easy labeling system, build a store of pickle flavourings and vinegar)

5)  For next year – identify a cheap bulk source of berries for jam

6)  Investigate bulk buying cheese and do so if appropriate

7)  Start making yoghurt again

8)  Go to Fish and Archers more often

9)  Experiment with lactofermentation

10)  Investigate getting a freezer for the loft and get one if appropriate

Number 10 (get a freezer) is also under discussion, but given the current worries about loading in the loft, that one might take a little while to materialise.  Still, this design feels like it’s moving forward.


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2 thoughts on “The Larder Project: To Infinity and Beyond (bulk ordering food)

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  2. […] 3)  Do an Infinity order and carefully monitor how long things last We’ve done a couple of these now and we both love ‘em.  The delivery driver did comment on how many cornflakes we had ordered though…  Now that we have all the food on ground level in the outhouse, it was much easier to get the order under cover and away.  The outhouse is working really well as a larder.  It’s a little damp, but I have made sure that nothing is open in there.  We don’t seem to have had a problem with mice – hopefully now we have two cats, that will continue! […]

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