Cutting Edge: An update

Last summer, I did an evaluation of how my scythe teaching was going where I had to conclude that it was going appallingly and that I needed to take a step back and work out what the hell was going wrong.  I worked it out… I had no idea how to market my courses, so I spent much of last year focusing on marketing and learning about how to do that.  Now, I feel like I am in an implementation stage with this and I look at my next steps from that blog post and find I have indeed moved on.

Next steps:

  • Make a video for the front page of my website.  Yes, I did this and it is up on my website.  It isn’t the best video in the world, and it focuses on me more than my customers, but I did make it all on my own.  It was pretty tricky to ‘star’ in the video and film it at the same time, and I think that that is reflected in the final product.  It will do, however, until I have the chance to make another one next year.
  • Create a ‘pink spoon’ (a free thing) for my website.  I have started this but haven’t finished it.  I’m not too worried about this, it’ll get done when it gets done.  Hopefully some time before summer…  
  • Rewrite the front page of my website.  Done.  I’m sure it needs testing and improving, but that is a job for next winter I think.  
  • Send out a newsletters to my mailing list.  Yes, this is all sorted.
  • Set up course venues.  Done, and I have realised that I need to get started on this in September next year.
  • Have thought through an efficient system of payment and answering people’s questions.  Yep.
  • Map that stages of interaction that people will have with me and make sure that they are good for both me and the client.  I’ve done this mentally though I am sure it would be useful to put something down on paper.
  • I need to line up some guest post opportunities on gardening blogs to go out just as scything season gets going.  I’m doing a bit of observation at the moment to see which blogs would be appropriate.  Yes, that means I am reading a whole bunch of blogs.  Yes, I consider that ‘work’…    

What’s really good is that all of this work and all of the work I have been doing on marketing is starting to reap results.  I’ve had quite a bit of interest already this year which I think is good for January.

My next steps now are:

  • Continue to promote courses through newsletters
  • Put courses in various listings
  • Approach blogs to offer guest post on scything
  • Finish my ‘pink spoon’
  • Contact groups – e.g. National Trust groups and offer courses to them




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