My second teach on the BPT introduction to Permaculture

At the weekend I did my second teach on the Brighton Permaculture Trust ‘Introduction to Permaculture’ course.  It was the second time I had taught, but I covered the same material – Holmgren’s principles.  This was largely due to running out of time.  I got some scything work in the weeks preceeding the teach and didn’t have time to sit down and plan another session, so I did the first one again.

Going over the same material again was really interesting.  I realised how well I had planned the session last time.  I really put a lot of work into it and that totally paid me back when I came to look at it again.  80:20 principle in action!  I made a few tweaks, the most major of which was deciding to put slides up behind students when they were standing in front of the class presenting about the principle that their group had just been discussing.  The last time I did it, I relied on the students speaking to teach the rest of the group about the principle and this didn’t always work.  Some of them mumbled, some of them hadn’t quite understood.  This time I put the slides up so everyone could read all of the information and, though it was a little bit distracting, I think it worked better.

What next for teaching permaculture?  That’s a good question…  Getting paid?

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