I make a list of things I want to learn about gardening…

…and as if by magic a composting course appears.

For the past three Saturdays, I have been doing a composting course run by the Community Composting Network called ‘Community Composting for Local Food.’  It’s for people who run community gardens and want their composting system to work better.  Now the sharp eyed amongst you will have noted that I am not in fact a member of a community garden.  I got the place because a friend volunteers for the Hanover Community Garden and they had been told they’d got on the course so late that none of the people who had said they’d like to do the course were then able to go.  Hopefully next year Will and I are going to set up community composting in Kemptown, so the course will be useful for that, but more than that it’s useful for massively increasing my knowledge of soil and fertility.

Here’s what I said I wanted to learn:

  • Learn the various ways of testing soil and carry them out CHECK 
  • Read about how soil works and summarise what I have learnt into a worksheet. CHECK – though I haven’t made the worksheet because one came with the course materials. 
  • Study the worm bin carefully and get that system working properly. CHECK – they seem pretty happy 
  • Talk to Hedvig and the Food Partnership about setting up community composting in this area. CHECK – next step is to find ten interested households
  • Get Master Composter qualification – CHECK – I don’t get to call myself a master composter with this course, but do get credits towards a waste management qualification that I will never get…  In my head, I’m a master composter.

Next I’d like to do some sort of mid-level horticulture course.  I’ve been looking at RHS ones, but they’re a bit too much time and a bit too in depth.  I shall continue to search.  Maybe I just need to read a load of books.

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One thought on “I make a list of things I want to learn about gardening…

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