On purpose

So, I’ve finally decided what my purpose in life is.  Hooray, you all shout.  Actually, that statement is not quite right…  I have finally defined what my purpose in life is.  I have known for a while what projects felt right to me and what felt wrong but I have never been able to put that into words, until now.  Brace yourselves…

My purpose in life is to enable people to create meaning and security in their lives by helping them to produce rather than consume life’s essentials – food, clothing, warmth etc – and to help people understand that the land is where all of these essentials come from.  I intend to do this in a beautiful, innovative, creative and captivating way.

Why the hell does this matter though?  Well, actually having put this into words acts like a lighthouse to help me steer a path towards what I want and need to achieve.  I have a brain that comes up with about fifteen new projects a minute and it’s not always obvious whether they fit in with what I’m doing or whether they’re a blind alley.  If I can hold all new ‘work’ projects up against this statement and they fit together then I’ll know I am on the right track, because this statement sounds exactly right to me.  It’ll also help me make not to make decisions based on what I feel I ‘should’ do.

So, a short post about a big subject…  How about you?  Can you put into words what you’re here for?


3 thoughts on “On purpose

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