The Garden: The plan of action

Under each of my one topics, I made a list of the things I wanted to learn about that topic. Then I grouped them by when it was possible to do them (another type of zoning). I want to be able to get on with the things that I can do now and it helps to know exactly what those things are. Having this list also helps me to not feel too guilty about not doing the jobs later down the list as I know that they are for later.

When I wrote this list, I tried to think about what would make an interesting blog post. This sounds like I am prioritising the virtual world over the real one, but actually it was very useful because it made me write down specific activities rather than ‘learn about…’


Things I can do now

Soil and Fertility

  • Identify five growers that I respect (e.g. Deano, Hedvig, Patrick Whitefield) and read what they say about soil fertility.
  • Learn the various ways of testing soil and carry them out.
  • Read about how soil works and summarise what I have learnt into a worksheet.
  • Study the worm bin carefully and get that system working properly.
  • Do some drainage experiments with different types of soil.
  • Talk to Hedvig and the Food Partnership about setting up community composting in this area.


  • Find three different types of self-watering system and compare them
  • Read The Keyline Plan by Yeomans
  • Find and compare three different designs for rain gardens
  • Do evaporation test on three different types of mulch

Guilds and beneficial connections

  • Make a poster detailing the guilds that I am interested in
  • Read Mycelium Running by Stamets

Permaculture design principles

  • Observe what comes in my veg box and how much of it comes and use this as the basis of a list of the annuals that I would like to grow.
  • Make a list of the things that I would like to preserve (e.g. tomatoes) and work out how many of them to grow and how much space this would take.
  • Read Independence Days by Sharon Astyk

Garden Design

  • Keep posting pictures of design I like to my Pinterest page


Things I can do soon

Soil and Fertility

  • Get Master Composter qualification
  • Try out small scale aquaculture

Horticulture basics

  • Do a horticulture course


  • Visit chickens being kept on a deep litter system
  • Visit somewhere that keeps Indian runners for slug control

Garden Design

  • Do a garden design course

Permaculture design basics/observation

  • Set up a weather station


Things I can do later


  • Visit somewhere where they keep Nigerian dwarf goats for milk

Well, that should be enough to be getting on with for now…  

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4 thoughts on “The Garden: The plan of action

  1. Sounds like a plan. Might be worth talking to Claire Hunt about rain gardens and Alex Penn about soil and soil fertility.

  2. […] what I did was knuckle down to learning more about gardening.  I did a composting course and a course about growing food in small spaces (actually, I am still […]

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