The larder project: Plan of action

Here’s the plan of action for the ‘larder project.’  I’ve included some of the things that I have already done in there so that it’s complete.

Can do now

1)  Observe what I eat

2)  Identify where I get those things from and what I could do to ensure I have a store of them.

3)  Do an Infinity order and carefully monitor how long things last

4)  Continue making pickles with the surplus from the veg box (find a receipe book I like, develop an easy labeling system, build a store of pickle flavourings and vinegar)

5)  For next year – identify a cheap bulk source of berries for jam

6)  Investigate bulk buying cheese and do so if appropriate

7)  Start making yoghurt again

8)  Go to Fish and Archers more often

9)  Experiment with lactofermentation


10)  Investigate getting a freezer for the loft and get one if appropriate

11)  Build cutting garden and develop conceptual plans for real garden (this is part of the garden project)


12) Investigate sources of apples and berries for fruit snacks

13) Build solar dehydrator

14) Buy electric dehydrator

15) Get a pressure canner

16) Learn to can

Wow, it’s good to have that written down.


4 thoughts on “The larder project: Plan of action

  1. […] contrast to the larder project which is full steam ahead now that there’s a bit of space to store stuff, the garden project is going into hibernation. […]

  2. […] my order from Infinity Foods wholesale arrived on my doorstep.  This order was part of my ‘larder’ design which aims to build up a three month use-every-day store of food.  The Infinity order was for the […]

  3. […] and very difficult to achieve, so I here’s where I got a bit more real.  In terms of my plan of action, I have more or less done all of the things that I put on my ‘can do now’ list. […]

  4. […] Just as a reminder, my main aim with the larder project was to have at least a three month supply of food around, with as much produced and preserved by me as possible.  Here’s my plan of action for the design: […]

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