Garden update

Hits:  Infrastructure is slowly being put into place.  The random seed experiment is in full swing.  The bees are a-buzzin.  The bench is built (with a wee table for gin and tonics).

Misses:  My royal sovereign strawberries failed to flower and fruit and are looking anemic – Hedvig says they need nitrogen, so I plan to wee on them.  The spot between the two bushes has killed everything planted there – yes, it’s shady, but there aren’t even any weeds.  I think it’s cursed.  Not a whisper of a flower from the day lilies.  This could be something to do with them being in pots and  the ones in the ground being smothered by nasturtiums.

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2 thoughts on “Garden update

  1. Shame about the varying sound quality, but good to see the video. Bring the garden to life. One note is that I wouldn’t pee directly on the strawberries. But collect it and dilute if necessary. Also better to water from the bottom rather than the top.

    Also would be good to increase the potassium to encourage flowering and fruiting. Probably good for the strawberries and day lilies.

  2. Beth Tilston says:

    I am trying to encourage Ben to pee in the watering can. It’s not working. I put some wood ash on them. Let’s see what happens!

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