Designing an edible flower garden: The design!

Well, here it is.  The design.  But that’s a bit of a crap photo, right?  So have a look at the walk through below

You’ll notice most of the video is about where things are going to go.  I’ve been working on how I am going to deal with drought and a planting plan, so I’ll write about those issues in future posts.

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4 thoughts on “Designing an edible flower garden: The design!

  1. Is that a sun-exposed wall, and are you going to put espaliered dwarf fruit trees on it, or potted plants, and/or vines?

  2. To be clear, my question above refers to:
    the wall by the compost/shed area, where wood is now.

    This is great seeing your ideas and progress. I am tempted to photograph my 7-layer food forest that is all in 40+ pots, and take action as you describe, draw a map and get on with creating a blooming yield!

    • betheatslocal says:

      Yes, that wall gets sun for about half the day – it’s just the wood area that doesn’t get much. The wall is actually south-facing but there are many other walls and houses around it that prevent it from being in sun all day. The plan is to either use that wall for annuals such as tomatoes or perhaps for fruit bushes (as opposed to trees). I am being a bit vague because it’s my housemate’s house and he is going to be living here for a long time, whereas I am probably not. I have done the design but the decisions to implement it are up to him. I think it would be a good place to grow tomatoes – at least for this year, and they were on his list of things he wanted to grow. We’ll see. We’re (by that I mean he…) is building planters at the moment.

  3. […] and redesign the more complex designs.  I’ve also used it as an opportunity to do ‘practice‘ designs in some cases.  I’m working on a redesign of my Action Learning Pathway as I […]

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