Designing an edible flower garden: Surveying the people

Here’s what usually happens every time I get the urge to grow.  I plant up hundreds of seedlings with little idea of where they’re going to go, and then I put them somewhere that I’ll never see them so that 70% of them don’t make it.   Actually, I think many of these seedlings did make it through the rigours of my irregular love… and then they were eaten by pigeons.  Hmmm.

Luckily for my learning process, the new house is limited in all sorts of ways.  There’s not a lot of space anywhere in the house so starting off seedlings inside would be impossible and growing them on outside would be equally tricky.  There’s also an aesthetic issue.  Outside on our old roof terrace the pots of shame were hidden away from view, but here any growing we do is on show to everyone who passes the house, which is lots of people.  Ben doesn’t want eruptions of dying salad everywhere and neither do I.

Ben and I did an official ‘client interview’  to find out what he wanted from the garden, but because we live together, we have spent quite a long time idly discussing the garden and what we planned to do there .  A place to sit and relax was one of the important things that came up.  I already knew that he had plans to build a deck to one side of the garage, but we also talked about putting a bench against the other wall (not strictly our land…) so that we could sit in the sun at most times of the day.  We talked about removing some of the plants from the raised beds and replanting, and he was happy with that as long as the rose stayed in place.  It’s almost around the door – who doesn’t want to live in a cottage with roses around the door!

We talked about how much time we would have to work in the garden each week, and he thought that he would have about two hours.  As I work from home a lot of the time, I knew that I would have more time than that, so we weren’t limited by how much time we would have to give to the garden.

Ben’s view of what we were limited by was that not all of the space around the house was ours and that it was used by various other people for various other things.  We’d need to make sure that people could get through and that we weren’t creating trip hazards.



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2 thoughts on “Designing an edible flower garden: Surveying the people

  1. christianelechner says:

    Hi Beth. I understand your wanting to grow as many edible plants as possible. i’m the same but learned the space i have on my balcony in the best way – made a salad tower.

    Topf voller Pflücksalat, 15.05.2011

    hope this link works – will show you my tower

    • betheatslocal says:

      Wow, great! I think I will be growing salads, but I don’t want to focus on it this year. I just want to get my head around how to organise the space, I think. I’m not sure how long I will be living here, but if I am still here next year then I’ll be branching out into vertical ways of growing salad and other annuals.

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