Designing an edible flower garden: My thoughts at this stage

I think you can tell from the fact that this series of posts is called ‘designing an edible flower garden’ that I had come to some conclusions about what I wanted to plant in the garden at this point (which was about two months ago – I have been lax about keeping up with these posts).

Why edible flowers?  Well, with such a small space, we were never going to be able to fit in a ‘proper’ vegetable garden.  The space could lend itself well to salads and tumbling tomatoes (some of which I think we will grow this year) but we get a veg box through Hankham Organics that has wonderful salad in it, so we would be essentially doubling up.  Edible flowers and perennial herbs seem the perfect things to plant as they are either impossible to get elsewhere (as in the case of edible flowers) or ridiculously expensive for something that grows so easily (as in the case of perennial herbs like rosemary).  Plus, with edible flowers I could choose to plant perennials or self-seeders, meaning that I wouldn’t have to place the multi-faceted seedling challenge.  I plan to have a few pots of salad and tomatoes and get the little plants from friends who are better and more able to do such things.

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