First diploma guild meet up

A few weeks ago we had our first diploma peer support guild meeting.  That’s an complicated way of describing what actually happened which was that Hedvig, Bex, Fran and I met up at my house to eat a random assembly of food and discuss how our diplomas are going.  We’re hopefully going to be doing this every month for the foreseeable future.

There’s not much to say about the actual meeting.  It was our first one, so we spent our time telling each other about our various projects and working our what we wanted to do in future guild meetings.  It seems we all want to be free to concentrate on whatever is on our minds at the time, so we agreed that we would each have an alloted amount of time to discuss whatever we wanted, whether that was advice on a design or just general support on the diploma.

What I like about our particular guild is that we all have a similar focus to our diplomas – all of us are designing livelihoods to some extent.  We are also established collaborators – me and Hedvig especially – but the other ladies too.  It’ll be fun to increase diversity and edge by forming other guilds for various projects and designs, but for long term support and stability I’m glad that our group is like-minded.

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