Don’t feed ‘the mouse’

I have just finished Sharon Astyk’s food storage and preservation e-course.  I didn’t get as much out of it as I could have done which was entirely my own fault.  I knew it wasn’t quite the right time to take the course and I did it anyway.  I should listen to myself more.

Despite not getting as much out of it as I could have done, I did still get something from it.  One of the most pertinent questions that Sharon asked was ‘what are you storing/preserving food for?’ ‘The end of the world’ is apparently not an appropriate answer…  Joking aside, it’s a great question.  Do I want to preserve and store for emergencies like the short-term effects of the economy exploding or extreme weather conditions?  What about more domestic emergencies like me or my loved ones losing our jobs?  Is what I store and preserve only for emergencies or do I want to eat and replace?  What this question left me with was the deep, empassioned desire for a pantry.

You’ll have come across my desire for a pantry in this blog before, but this time it is tunnel vision.  A working pantry has become the whole goal of this particular diploma project.  This will mean going back to my design and reworking it a bit.  Skilling up will still feature (no need to worry about whether the humorous posts about how I failed to make cheese will dry up) but I need to add a few other strands to the design.  How do you store bulk carbs (flour, pasta etc) in such a way that they aren’t eaten by ‘the mouse?’   (We have a raging rodent problem in my kitchen so it has become the mouse in the way that chicken owners talk about the fox.)  How about making extra dinner/pasta sauce etc and canning it (or whatever the British word for this is) so that there’s a storeroom full of home-made ready meals?  This is going to take some real thinking about, planning and investment.  Look out for the updated design!

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