The roof garden morphs into the pot garden…

My plan for the roof garden project was to do a design for my boyfriend’s roof terrace.  I’ve been thinking about it more carefully and I have decided to move this project to the very small amount of space outside my own house.  I think it’s really important for me to do a land-based design – this is the only one in my whole diploma, after all – but I feel like I am creating limiting factors for myself by trying to do it at Will’s.  My main problem is observation.  I want to be able to do some close observation – sun mapping, seeing what kind of bird life is up there, working out where the wind is coming from and that is proving too difficult given that I don’t live there.  I’m just not there enough at the times when it’s possible to do observation – i.e. during daylight hours.

When I gave up my allotment I swore that I would never ever again take responsibility for a piece of land that wasn’t directly outside of my house.  I also swore that I wouldn’t take on a plot that was too big.  I fear that Will’s roof terrace may fit into both of those categories.  I guess I have come to some grown up decisions about appropriate scale and zoning.  Having failed miserably at having an allotment, I really need an easy win on the growing things front, and I think working on the space outside my house is just what I need to do.  After that I can design something for Will if he’s still interested in developing the terrace.

I’m thinking about focusing on edible flowers for the space outside my house.  My reasons for this are:

1)  There’s really very little space so I have to pick and choose very carefully what I want to grow.

2)  I can’t buy edible flowers and I don’t get them in my veg box so it makes sense to grow them.

3)  They’re attractive which is very important to my housemate who owns the house and – actually – is getting more and more important to me

4)  Many are perennial, so I don’t have the hassle of growing annuals

This year, I am going to start by planting up a few pots with flowers that I like.  I can move these around and arrange them how I want – even try putting them on top of the one raised bed that we have to see what they would look like planted up.  I’m not going to plant anything in the raised bed this year.

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