A first attempt at a mini marketing design

My first attempt at a Mini Marketing Design is here.  As I was writing this, what came across most strongly was that I didn’t know enough about this subject to be able to design as well as I would like.  What I have decided to do is to make this year my year of observation in what sells courses and what doesn’t.  I don’t think it can be observation in the sense of observing a plot of land – i.e. without intervention.  Observing how well one method of marketing works for someone else is all well and good but it might not work for me.  I think in this case I need to do some ‘action research.’  I’ve picked the strategies that I intuitively feel will work best and I am going to try them out and review them at various times throughout the year.  It made me wonder about the role of intuition in Permaculture.  Does it have a place?  Is intuition simply unconscious knowledge?

Design from patterns to details

This was the principle that always confused me the most.  I never really new quite how to apply it.  It’s becoming much clearer in my scything design though.  When I did my general design I found that I needed to do a separate design for the marketing.  Now that I have done a design for the marketing, I find that I need to do separate designs for the social media aspects and SEO.  I keep falling through Alice-in-Wonderland-like holes.  I have been feeling a little bit of frustration with all the planning that I have been doing, and a desire to get on with the ‘doing’.  I am really really trying to fight this though.  This is my activist-pragmatist nature asserting itself.  ‘Just do it,’ rather than ‘Just do it properly…’


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5 thoughts on “A first attempt at a mini marketing design

  1. gary Finch says:

    Hi Beth,
    did you get on top of “patterns to details?” looking at what you have written following the statement it looks like it – each project or system getting broken down into its constituent parts or supporting systems – i usually find reflecting on the “creatively use and respond to change” principle helpful in conjunction with it. I’m intrigued by your ‘time & money’ section – i have recently finished my diploma and did a simple design to get off the credit treadmill – i’d be interested in your efforts totake it the step further in a sustainable income – is it password protected because it isnt finished yet? regards, gary finch, x

    • betheatslocal says:

      Yeah, I really think I have got on top of this one. I imagine it almost like wormholes – you keep burrowing down and slipping through into something else… I did a general design for the scything courses that I run and I realised that there were several areas that were complex enough to warrant their own designs – like marketing. Then when I did a design for marketing I realised that social media marketing was complex enough to need its own design. No doubt when I have done that I’ll find some other micro micro design to do. It’s been really useful because in the past I have got ‘so far’ with projects and then stopped because I wasn’t able to work out exactly what it was that I didn’t know enough about to continue.

      Both of the documents are password protected because they contain details about my financial situation. Email me at bethtilston at googlemail dot com for the password

  2. blackbarkers says:

    This is really great, Beth. You’re making me think about how we do stuff…
    Also, I LOVE that you have an action point: “Keep hounding Alys Fowler”. Made me chuckle.

  3. I think intuition does have a role. But I always like to scrutinise my intuitive ideas. I try and capture the ideas and put them through the survey the idea, assess the ideas, does it fit in with the design?

    I just had an example of designing from pattern to detail with the school I just did. I had done a design with the outline of the beds and the description of the plants but not the planting plan. They asked if I wasn’t concerned about the placement of the plants. I said I was, just couldn’t do the placement without knowing about the beds. Simple common sense again.

    Looking forward to our marketing chat.

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