Beneficial Connections – The Woodland Trust

Before Christmas, Philippa Borrill at the Woodland Trust posted this at the Transition Network blog…

Woodland Trust logoIs your community preparing  for environmental challenges and supporting people affected by the impacts of climate change? Are you looking to create new economic opportunities from local resources? Is your group using woodland to become more sustainable or do you have plans to get involved with woodland but don’t know where to start? If so, the Woodland Trust would love to hear all about your plans to help us explore the opportunities for community woodland in England.

We are looking for community groups that we could talk to in order to form the discovery stage of a community woodland project. We are looking for groups who have a varied focus towards resilience with one angle being woodland (or the intention to involve woodland). We would like groups to make contact with us if they are doing work that ensures that:

  1. communities are better prepared for environmental challenges and longer term environmental change and understand the improvements they can make to live more sustainably.
  2. vulnerable people affected by the impacts of climate change are able to make greener choices to help improve their quality of life.
  3. communities maximise the use of their assets and resources to create new economic opportunities and live more sustainably.
  4. communities have a greater understanding of and more opportunities to use natural resources more efficiently.

I am not a group and I don’t have a project but I thought that emailing her to let her know what I have been considering would be a beneficial connection to make.  Let’s see what happens…

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