Up on the roof – the observation stages for a roof garden.

Will just had a window put into his loft which means that he can now get (with reasonable ease) out onto the flat roof next to his flat.  There are plans for a roof garden up here – but first, observation…

Here’s a photo from my first visit to the site.  The floor is pretty slick with grime at the moment, which makes being out on a barrier-less roof a reasonably terrifying experience.  Cleaning it off and putting in some kind of rope or other kind of barrier will be one of the first jobs – otherwise I’ll always feel like one of us is going to slip and fall off the edge – which isn’t particularly good people care!  We’re going to set up some sort of weather monitoring station – a task Will will love because he’s really techy. I also just found a sturdy fold down chair on the street which – in conjunction with a person and a cup of tea – can act as another kind of monitoring station.

This is the only plot design that I am doing and it actually feels quite good to be supported by loads of material about what to look out for in your observation.  My usual tack with projects like this is to immediately go and buy compost and wood to make beds and plant up 8,000 seedlings with no real idea of where they are going to go.  Not so with this design.  I’m going to spend a while working out where the sun comes from, where water collection is possible, which way the wind is blowing, whether the seagulls will obliterate the salad.  I’m going to really find out what Will wants from a garden (which is, I suspect, the chance to build a wind-turbine powered, remotely operated watering system).  It might be that this garden doesn’t get beyond the design stage, but actually, I am not too bothered about that.  The observation will be fun in itself.

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3 thoughts on “Up on the roof – the observation stages for a roof garden.

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