Observing an ‘Introduction to Permaculture’ course

I took my first steps towards teaching Permaculture last weekend by observing Bryn Thomas and Hedvig Murray teaching an ‘Introduction to Permaculture’ course up at the Earthship.  It was really interesting to be at the back of a classroom observing again because I spent a lot of my early twenties in

teacher training, doing an English as a Foreign Language qualification (CELTA) and also a PGCE which lasts for a year and is pretty intensive.  I found that my observation skills came back really quickly and watching Hedvig especially I was thinking, ‘ah, I can see what you’re doing there…’  I tried to observe without passing judgement on what I was seeing but I ended up writing things like ‘putting in pairs – good’ and ‘everyone is looking engaged.’  Once a teacher always a teacher…

My next step in this project is to observe this course again – this time doing a ‘themed observation’ rather than just a general observation of whatever strikes me.  I’m looking forward to being given something specific to look for, rather than (as it seemed to me) reverting to my old school-teacherly ways.  I think there is an art to the unthemed observation.  “What, you want me to observe?  What for?  Whatever strikes me?  How do I do that?”  After that I’ll need to find some other intro courses to observe.



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