So, what’s the Permaculture Diploma?

Well, it’s what comes after the Permaculture Design Course (PDC) and it’s an opportunity for you to put your knowledge into practice through a number of projects. The Diploma is ‘self-directed’. It is based around ‘the projects and activities that you are involved in and that you set yourself. You plan and carry out your own course of self-managed study, taking on projects of your own choosing and carrying out the permaculture design process with these projects. You document your work and put it together in a portfolio. This work is assessed by diploma holders and accredited by the Permaculture Association.’

My Ten Diploma Projects

To get a Permaculture Diploma, you have to show that you have been through the design process at least ten times.  That’s ten projects.  Here are mine.  I’ve shown the ‘domain’ (e.g. finance, land stewardship) that each projects falls under to demonstrate that I have designed a diploma which uses and values diversity.

1.  Action Learning Pathway: My roadmap through the diploma

2.  Finance: Designing a sustainable livelihood and an achievable work/life balance

3.  Finance/Tools/Education: Developing my career as a scything tutor

4.  Education: Writing a book about localisation across a range of areas – food, land, governance

5.  Finance/Education: Developing my career as a green journalist

6.  Land Stewardship: Developing a low impact roof garden

7.  Land Stewardship: Learning about, eating and teaching others about wild food

8.  Tools/Land Stewardship/Education: Learning about and teaching others about preserving food

9.  Education: Developing my career as a Permaculture teacher

10.  Land Stewardship: Developing my career as a coppicer

How do you know what you should do in order to be accredited?

Helpfully, there are some Accreditation Criteria.


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